Layering vests and coats to transition into Spring

I know Spring has technically already arrived, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet here. We still got a big snowstorm last week, and the temperature outside (as I type this) is -7 Celsius. Which means I need to rack my brain every day thinking about what to wear that is appropriate for the weather and that I haven’t already worn 50x this year. …


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The perfect black trousers for your style with Reitmans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love wearing jeans. But recently I have found myself wanting to try to dress up more while keeping it “me” (which is definitely more casual). Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am slowly approaching thirty and really want to discover what that means to me and my personal style. …


How to defy aging early on with Conture

Taking care of my skin has been one of my top priorities this year (especially considering I suffered with breakouts and now trying to recover the skin I once had). When 2017 rolled in I decided that I would spend more time finding the right products and tools for my face, and stick to them. Too many times have I jumped from products to products without giving them time to actually work their magic – I am too impatient to wait to see results – so this year I am challenging myself to try less but longer. Do I make sense? …


Coffee Date: Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Last month I announced I wanted to be a little more personal with all you guys, and let you know who I am (while learning about you too). I’ve been so touched by all the messages and emails sent to me after sharing my experience with moving across the world on my own at a young age, so I wanted this one to be about something just as close to my heart but more recent – and actually something I am still in the middle of as I type this.


ADD embroidery to your spring style

Patiently waiting for spring be like… Yeah it didn’t work and actually started snowing on us while taking these photos (and for the first time we actually couldn’t make it through to another outfit… sigh).

I may have 10 different pairs of jeans – that one might say look exactly identical – but for some reason I have had only one denim jacket. Until now. This embroidery jacket is giving me ALL the feels, it fits and feels so comfortable on, and I LOVE the …