What to wear to a wedding, with Reitmans

Happy Monday online fam! When sending out my weekly newsletter this morning I realized I have only been posting twice a week for the past couple of weeks and that is NOT cool. So here we are with a new post, which I love and loved taking photos of – I guess you can see why. THIS DRESS. I can’t decide what I love more: the high neck style, the ruffles in the front and back, or the color! …

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Cold-shoulder and drop-waist dress for Spring

I’ve had this post on my computer for a couple of weeks and just didn’t get around to posting it, BUT the nice weather is finally here and so it makes me want to throw on this (so so SO light) flowy dress and live in it! I mentioned before I am slightly into cold-shoulder dresses these days, so obviously this dress was on my wish list, and it finally went on sale …

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My life in emojis with Persona World

Happy Wednesday online fam! A few days ago I posted a photo of this look on my Instagram, and so many of you went nuts for this jacket (which I am slightly in love with) sooo I decided to dedicate a blog post about this look but most importantly the jewelry I am wearing!

If I had to use three words to describe myself I would probably say positive, loving, and clumsy. So it was a no-brainer when the brand Persona World came out with emoji beads and pendants: I needed to …

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Style a berry wrap dress with brown accessories

Hi you guys! I feel it has been forever since I wrote a blog post, this past week has been so incredibly busy and exciting in the best way possible – but WOW I am exhausted. When I woke up this morning I remembered being in bed in the Sheraton hotel exactly one week ago eating pancakes and watching Sponge Bob (yes I am still a kid) and it feels like forever ago! Do you ever have that after a long day or week? …


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A day at the Nordik Spa

A few days ago, Amira from On Closet Nine and I were lucky enough to get hosted by the Nordik Spa for a day of entire relaxation and pampering – which we both desperately needed! It was her first time at the spa in Chelsea (which BTW is the largest spa in North America!!) but I have been there enough in the past years to know my way around blindfolded. Tho I have to say they have grown immensely since the last time I went it was almost like I had never been myself! …


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