all about that black

2014-11-24 20.07.22


Women who wear black lead colorful lives – Neiman Marcus

      This is my first weekly outfit post. I finally convinced my dear boyfriend to come outside and take pictures of my outfit yesterday, after days of asking (his answers were “I’m too busy” or “it is raining/snowing outside” but let’s be honest… men just don’t care about these stuff!). So not to ask too much of him too soon, I decided to create this weekly post where I will be showing pictures of an outfit and talking about it and the fashion that surrounds it.

This being said, move over, orange! I am sure we all have a million clothes in our closets, but BLACKSare definitely a must-have. I know that a few years ago, wearing black was kind of considered as sad or gloomy, but when was the last time you saw someone wearing a black dress or black t-shirt and thought “this woman looks like she’s coming from a funeral” ? Exactly.

      So easy, chic, and comfortable, I love the simple black silk top combined with high waisted velvety black pants. I love to put on different fabrics as long as the colors are coordinated, I think it adds so much depth to an outfit. Pair all this with black ankle booties (my go-to shoes for the season) and top it with my new closet addition: this crazy stylish faux leather/fur coat from Dynamite! I call it my bird coat, because let’s be honest, it looks like I can fly away with it!

  Wearing an all black outfit is taking it a bit further, and as long as it is done with style there are literally no reason to fear it! I mean, black-on-black has become so popular in the past couple of years and we see it everywhere! In magazines (even though Anna Wintour does not seem to agree with the mass population that black-on-black is a correct choice for an outfit), on tv, or in the street. This is why I believed that my first outfit post would be a perfect and easy one.

      One of the conditions to respect when wearing an all-black outfit is always to have a pop of color somewhere on you. It can go from a bright lipstick (like I did), a colorful scarf, a vibrant manicure, or a nice bold purse. I know my lipstick doesn’t show so well on the far away pictures but trust me it was there! So here is a list of items I think would look phenomenal with an all-black outfit, and I included the information you need to find them online!