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This week, I couldn’t pick only one outfit, because it is becoming SO cold here and all I wear every day is sweaters. Winter (or Fall if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it hasn’t snowed yet) means only one thing: sweater weather! One of the only good things about the dark afternoons and cold weather is the fact that you can wear comfy cardigans and jumpers and no one will think you are lazy! I picked my favorite 3, but that was one of the hardest things to do. My closet is literally FULL of sweaters and I keep pilling them up and they keep falling down, but that is what makes me so happy! I’m one of those girls who would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes in the morning instead of getting up and doing my hair perfectly, so nothing is more perfect that having to get up, throw on a pair of jeans and a sweater and get out for the day. In my opinion, sleep and comfy sweaters are a perfect match!

  So for my first look, I just paired my favorite boyfriend jeans and booties with this amazing Zara poncho which I am totally into these days. It is so soft and so warm, and I love that it has pockets! The look is so comfortable and chic at the same time, I keep getting compliments when I wear it outside. It is so difficult to find a nice and expensive-looking (hopefully not expensive for real) poncho, when I saw this one I immediatly knew I had to buy it. At the same time I do have that feeling every time I see something I like so my judgment might not be very realistic! I love the look of this outfit with the relax feeling of the jeans, the super romantic top from Dynamite (all of their clothes are just the prettiest!) and the fashion-forward look of the poncho.

My second look is a little more casual, with this Dynamite extra-long cardigan that I have been relying on so many times when I just had no inspiration in the morning. I love it paired with a big blanket scarf. Mine is from Aldo but I have seen them everywhere. In all the magazines they show us these celebrities wearing big cardigans and it is always so hard to find them at a price people who do not make millions of dollars can afford. As soon as you see one, grab it right away! The one I am wearing sold out so fast but the clothing line still has some similar, and they are all affordable! And if you are a little too uncontrolable like me when it comes to deciding between two styles, get both!

My final look this week is this adorable poncho I just got from American Eagle. Look at it, it is as comfortable as it looks, and so warm! When we took the pictures tonight it was so windy, but the cold wouldn’t penetrate the poncho and in my book that is a big PLUS! I love the pattern on it, it is perfect for the holidays coming. It comes in handy when you eat too much during your Christmas dinners and you can just hide your growing food-baby belly underneath it! And you could not have a better outfit than distressed jeans, ankle booties, and cozy poncho when you go shopping (Black Friday sales are still on, and Boxing Day isn’t too far into our future)!

All in all, I have to confess that one of the biggest challenges for me is to stop buying new sweaters, when I have a Starbucks in hand, and the snow falling outside! They also make the perfect Christmas gift for all your girlfriends, because who can ever have too many sweaters???



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    Hi Steve,Your YouTube feature for all time views doesn't work? Did Youtube change this?It Youtube use to have an option where you could hit All time and then see the video with most views then it would work down.Whats up? my e-mail coachy@yaooo.dom

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    You make things so clear. Thanks for taking the time!