cold and romance








The days are getting colder and colder here, and soon we will have to completely say goodbye to all the Fall pieces of clothing in order to be ready for the very brutal Winter that is coming. It is barely the beginning of December and the snow has been covering everything for a week now! When you think about winter fashion, especially here in Canada, you think big parkas and winter boots that ressemble skiing shoes, mittens and beanies that are so big they wouldn’t fit into your purse, etc,… So let’s remember to be thankful that the long duster coats are super fashionable this year, because they do all the heavy work and keep us so warm! This week I wanted to remind everyone that cold winter days don’t inevitably mean you need to look like an eskimo when you leave your house. I always loved looking feminine, so when I shop for clothes I try to color coordinate them to look romantic. Best colors to be ladylike this season? Gray and pink! Nothing tacky, no neon colors, but soft pastels like baby pink and powder gray and you will look like an angel in the white snow outside!

      I am totally obsessed with this coat, because it matches so many different pieces in my closet. So when I was thinking about this week’s look earlier, it was not hard at all to come up with the matching of my new pink shirt and this gray duster. To keep it young I just added skinny jeans and tucked the shirt in at the front, wore my favorite suede booties, and tied the look with this super romantic knit-lace scarf (see my previous post). Make the look pop with light purple/pink lipstick and a bunch of stacked-up bangles and sparkly bracelets. I wanted to add more of a romantic touch to my outfit, so I added a braid in my hair. Now I am not the best at hairdos so my braid is actually a headband which matches my hair color, and I just tucket strands of hair around it to make it blend better. Much easier done than having to braid the hair all around the head!

      Scroll through the pictures to see the complete look, and click on the links to be able to order similar pieces to repeat this outfit and make it your own! Every one has a different style and this is what is so amazing with all the bloggers out there and all the instagram accounts, you get to have inspiration from everyone!

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