long winter, long coat







I have been sooo busy recently, and I know it has been weeks since I got to do a weekly outfit post… But here it is!! I promise to try to keep up to the schedule a lot more (one of my New Year’s resolutions!) and post a lot more this year 🙂 The last week has been extremely cold here in Canada, and all I’ve been wearing are big chunky sweaters and puffy coats, so when the temperature got warmer during the weekend I took advantage of it! The outfit is very simple, I wanted to keep this beautiful shirt the centre of the attention (from Express Clothing). But mostly, I wanted to show off this amazing long coat from Forever 21. Ever since Kim Kardashian made them popular, I’ve been wanting to put my hands on one and see how they would look on me. This was my first choice, and I love it. You’d think it would look masculin and hide all your best features but to the contrary, I think it elongates your body, and providing you find one that has a waist, you will look anything but manly!

      I love the mix of feminine touches like my top and fur infinity scarf with the look of black booties and boyfriend jeans. Never a dull moment when you mix patterns, fabrics, or styles! I also love my faux fur scarf, when the temps go down to -30 (and they do!) it is the perfect face protection I have! I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look, and for more inspiration don’t forget to check (and follow) me on Instagram under mariesbazaar 🙂 I promise to post soon again!