black and white







Last week I was contacted by this amazing Ottawa photographer, asking me if I could pose for her and use the pictures in the portfolio. So of course I said yes!! I could not have been more excited to do this first collaboration with her, and to see where it will take me!

      Winter has been pretty brutal this year in Canada, but Sunday was better than most days (0 degrees… lucky us!) so we took advantage of the “warm” breeze and played with the snow outside. I’ve been wanting to try the whole black-everything look again, but this time make it a bit more Rock n’ Roll. I love playing with clothes and fashion to reinvent myself and try different styles, and I love this one. So simple but has such an effect on the way I feel! I absolutely love my diamond-skull clutch from Quo, because to me it represents a perfect mix of grunge and style. And for those who know me, you’d never think of me as a grungy type of girl! So it is fun to play and dress up, see what kind of styles I like or don’t.

      I’ve paired my sweater dress from Zara with this faux-leather jacket from Forever 21, again for a rock-on look, and added my favorite new black booties to stay comfortable and relaxed! Also I’ve just discovered this amazing sea-salt hair spray, which gives you the same feeling as if you spent the day on the beach! Beach waves and salty hair is definitely one of my favorite hair styles and I’ve been wanting to experiment with it. Done! Result? Loving it! You’ll find all the deets on my clothes and products at the end of the article 🙂