blanket scarf 101

IMG_20150123_121653 IMG_20150123_121342 IMG_20150123_121135 IMG_20150123_121311 IMG_20150123_121256Never stop the BS… Banket scarf that is!

      As most of you probably have noticed if you are following my Instagram account, I’ve been pretty obsessed with scarves this winter. When it is so cold outside, it is hard to accessorize with anything else that can as easily go from outdoor to indoor, and to be honest, nothing else is this comfortable! A bunch of people have been asking me how they can style the popular blanket scarf, and I didn’t really know what to say. So I experimented with mine and here are my two favorite styles!

      The first one is actually super stylish because you can wear your blanket scarf as a vest, but it also help covering your belly if you feel conscious about the way you look (and you shouldn’t). Simply put it around your head and secure with a belt at the front, so it gives you shape.

      The second one is, well… so regular! But what is wrong with that? I mean… the scarf is already a statement piece on its own so you don’t need to try and figure out a crazy way to wear it. In my opinion, this is how I like it best. Let the rest of your outfit have a chance to shine as well (notice my super cool pants??) 🙂

      If you haven’t been following me for all that long, be sure to check my previous post on my favorite winter scarves! PS: Sorry for the white hair on my sweater, but living with a partially white cat has its advantages as well as its problems!!