flirting with the cold

IMG_20150124_160300-1 IMG_20150124_161344-1 IMG_20150124_161326-1 Hair 20150124_104447Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week and you are all rested for the new one coming up. Here is this week’s look!

Valentine’s day is arriving fast this year (at least it seems to me… Wasn’t Christmas yesterday?) and I’ve decided to try and give you a little bit of inspiration for this day of loooove 🙂 Who said you have to wear red on V day? Okay okay almost everyone, but I say let’s break the rules and wear what we feel SEXY in! If that means black to you, then black it is! For me, sexy means a lot of things. Beautiful, sofisticated, playful, charming,… So I’ve tried to incorporate all these in this week’s outfit 🙂

      I feel my best when I wear clothes that ressemble me, this is why I love the pairing of the crop top (a must have in my closet) and the denim jacket (can you tell I’ve been wearing it for 3 years… so worn out but still love it!). And then there is the skirt… A show-stopper!! I have just been OBSESSED with the trend of midi dresses and skirts, because I think it shows just the right amount of skin, with that tempting desire to see more. Have you ever heard the quote from Sophia Lauren “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” ?? This is exactly what this skirt does to me! And let’s just talk about how playful and wild the pattern is. I’m not a big fan of animal prints on clothing but this one is so well done I couldn’t resist!

      And since I was hoping to do an outfit somewhat flirtatious, I painted my nails the exact same shade ofred as my lips. It is for Valentine’s day after all, so maybe a little bit of red is acceptable 😉 Let me just mention the hair… As you may have noticed I tend to keep my hair down and relax most of the time. But I’ve recently started wearing my hair this way and just love it! It is so easy to do, just put a headband on your head and wrap the hair around it (secure with bobbi pins if you have a ton of hair like mine).

      Hope you like this look, and it inspires you to be the best version of sexy you feel comfortable in!