a sweet tooth for pink








Today, I decided to take a long, hard look in the mirror and have a little talk with myself. I finally convinced the little voice inside my head that taking pictures in skirts and dresses in the middle of this BLIZZARD might not (maybe!!) be the best idea if I want to stay healthy and not catch another cold this year. Sounds reasonable? Exactly. And now me, myself, and I are on the same page, and have agreed that I will be waiting for warmer weathers to strip down to smaller clothing. So for the time being, I will actually stick to wearing winter clothes. This doesn’t mean, however, that my winter clothes have to be boring! Case and point: this beautiful/gorgeous/stylish/adorable/WARM pink coat!!

      I’ve always wanted one, but could never find a classy fit and soft pink all in one coat… until this one! It was perfect for the season, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!! Thank god for Express clothing AND their sales! Yes, this baby was 60% off when I bought it (after having eyed it for weeks) and I didn’t need to think twice. I already have a hard time preventing myself from buying clothes in Express, so when they are priced down, it becomes down right impossible to say no. As if I needed another coat this season… maybe my next gift to myself should be a ticket to a “shopaholic anonymous” meeting. Haha seriously WHO am I kidding? I LOVE to buy clothes, and as long as I stay somewhat reasonable, there is nooo reason to stop! Right? Right?

      Anyways, back to the subject. So this week, my boyfriend and I went to the Winterlude in Ottawa. This is a festival of Winter the city hosts every year, with tons of activities to do, skating, tobogganing,… and my favorite of all: eating a beaver tail! Those sticky fried pastries are just the best! But more on this later. The day was pretty cold, but very beautiful (until we decided to take the pictures… obviously) and I wanted to match the ambiance. So I paired my favorite pair of white pants with this light denim shirt, and added one of my favorite necklaces to bring up a pinch of sparkles. My brown booties are still a favorite of the season, and keep my feet warm enough for a couple of hours. Topped the whole thing with the pink coat, and… I ended up thinking I looked like something sweet! One of those sugar-powder candy. So clearly we needed to picture candies in the background 🙂

      Hope you guys enjoyed this look, it is definitely one of my favorite, and so fun to shoot! Stay warm and chic!