borrowed from the boys




Hi guys!! I’ve recently posted a look on Instagram and on Lookbook, and got such a huge and positive feedback I decided to turn it into a blog post. I love hearing back from all of you, and take all your comments and ideas into consideration when I write my blog because your opinion matters to me!

      So, I’ve been thinking of new ways to revamp my winter style, as I feel I have been doing the same thing over and over again (my sweaters & jeans have been over-used since November). I actually came to the point where I went to my boyfriend’s closet and looked at his clothes for inspiration, and then it strucked me! This season, the oversized trend is so popular, so why not borrow some of his clothes and use them in my wardrobe?? I’ve always had a boyish side to myself. Sometimes I like to spend the day in sweatpants and no makeup, and I end up wearing his sweaters or shorts just for the comfort they bring. So this was going to be the best opportunity for me to mix the comfort of being home and the “it” style of the moment! I ended up taking his blue shirt, which he hasn’t worn since this summer so I was sure he wouldn’t miss it for a day, and paired it with a pair of black leather pants. Keeping the shirt the centre of the attention was the idea, so I added black booties and a dark navy crossbody purse to stay in the same color category.

      A little tip when risking to wear your man’s attire is to always have a touch of femininity in your outfit. In my case, I went with a glittery long necklace, to compensate for the sloushy shirt. I think it worked pretty well, eh?!

Since I’ve done this look and loved it, I absolutely will try again in the future with more looks like this, so stay tuned!