a touch of red






How to turn a somewhat regular idea of an outfit into an interesting and sexy look? Instead of a simple white shirt and jeans, go for an oversized, open shirt styled with a pair of boyfriend jeans and tuck the front in. And instead of a pair of sneakers or flats, opt for a stunning pair of stilettos with a bright color! I received these heels from my dad a couple of years ago and have been hesitant to wear them as I am usually more comfortable in flats, but I couldn’t resist the idea of adding them to this outfit for a date night on the town. I couldn’t decide if I prefered keeping my lips nude or if I wanted to copy the red touch of the heels so I’ve tried both. I ended up going with the red lips, but I do like the nude ones for a more relaxed version of this look.

      I have been looking for months for the perfect white shirt. But somehow all of the ones I have tried before had something to complain about. Too see-through, too large, no neckline, pockets or zippers on the front/back that would look cheap,… you name it, I’ve tried it. So when I found this one in Urban Outfitters, even if the price was a bit more than what I would have liked, I didn’t want to take the chance of leaving it and having it gone when I finally make up my mind.

      I love the look of boyfriend clothes on a woman. As long as it is done with a touch of femininity, I know any woman can pull it off, it is so comfortable and stylish. I also think, in some way, that outfits inspired by men clothing and this one in particular makes me look older. Having a chubby face, I am often mistaken for a teenager, and it is nice for once to look my age. 🙂