coffee break






Ever had those days where you don’t feel like getting out of your house and just lay in your pjs hour after hour? Today was like that for me. But knowing myself pretty well, I know that if I don’t get out at least an hour I get cranky. Hence the coffee break! So we headed for Starbucks in the middle of all this snow (and it was warm today so instead of snow I should call it slush). Sunday funday right? Which explains the comfortable look I’m supporting today: ripped jeans, sneakers, stripped tee and a denim jacket tied at the waist. My favorite piece today was my gorgeous purse inspired by the Valentino collection. I’ve been in love with it since it became a staple in my closet a few years ago. Some women are obsessed with shoes, I am obsessed with purses!


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  • Mila Godevskaya

    The best snow look ever to stroll about for a coffee break on a Sunday funday! Great streetstyle, i just adore your tastes! Everything is amazing and looks great on you, but in particular your purse is to die for and your habit of wearing sneakers without laces is really original and inspiring! You’re the boldest, most stylish and above all coooool girl ever!!!