fluff and fur







Do you ever get annoyed when you see all these people on the internet celebrating the beginning of Spring and you are just looking out at the window and it is snowing…? Welcome to my world! The snow here is not about to melt any time soon, and it really is getting on my nerves… I mean I just want to wear summer dresses and sandals! You hear me, Mother Nature?? Well while I am waiting for the heat to come back around, I am still enjoying winter fashion, but going for pastel colors (hoping the cold will get the hint and back off a little!). This fluffy sweater is my favorite newest addition, and it makes the perfect seasonal transition item. Pastel colors are such an indicator of spring and life coming back after months of hibernation, but since the temperature is still not cooperating, I love the fact that this sweater is the fluffiest, softest ever!! And it is complimented by the fur on the shoes… because I wanted to feel comfortable and cherished by everything soft I own!

      I am also super excited by the return of the chocker! I use to have the same one when I was 10, and when I saw in magazines a few months ago that it was going to come back, I got so happy! Obviously, my old chocker was no where to be found, but I got this one for a steal at Brandy Melville ($5!) and I love the rocker side it gives to an otherwise very girly outfit!

      Hope you guys love this look as much as I do, and as always you can find all the deets at the end of the article!!