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Morning loves!

One of my obsessions this winter (and I am pretty sure it will continue with every coming season) has been the trimmed sweaters and shirts. They are such an easy way to step up an outfit, and so comfortable, without all the bulkiness of actual layers underneath. I find them so feminine with the trim at the end, no matter what type of material it is. So a couple of weeks ago I just ordered a whole bunch of them online, and now enjoying that the temps are getting warmer to wear them out!

When I received this one, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with a classic vibe and pair it with a skirt or dark pants, or boho vibe very relaxed with a big scarf, loose curls and light colors. And since I have not tried the bohemian style before I decided to go for this one, but not push it too much… Everything in moderation! 😉

P.S. you can’t really tell but my earrings are actually a small pearl in the front and a big one in the back… LOVE them!!! The new earring trends are so much fun!