sweater dress and tall boots








Last week has been so warm here in Canada, spring was really happening… NOT! After one “hot” day, we are back to cold weather and snow slash grail… At least I can comfort myself knowing in a week it is officially the end of winter!

Anyways, since the temps are still too cold to wear tshirt and skirts, I’ve decided to spend this cozy Saturday in my favorite sweater dress! I love clothes that mix perfectly into what I need and what I want: the fact that this is a dress (I can’t wait for summer and all the summer dresses I’ve been accumulating over the past months) and the fact that it is so warm and comfortable, perfect for a gloomy day like today! How easy and convenient, plus if it is a bit windy just simply pair the dress with over the knee boots like mine. Keeps you warm and toasty, while looking like a total knockout! Trying to keep the rest of the outfit as relaxed as possible, with just one long statement-yet-discreet earring, and a bunch of stackable rings.

      PS: if you feel frisky about wearing this dress outside, trust me when I say that it is the most comfortable dress to be on your couch in!