feminine and fun colors







Last Friday was my boyfriend’s 25th birthday, so we went out on the town to celebrate. I hadn’t plan on taking pictures for a post, since it was his day! But he insisted (turns out he loves doing this almost as much as I do!). Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but since it was not planned we had to deal with the light we had at that time, which was almost nothing since it was dinner time!

Anyways, I have been obsessed with whites lately. As recently as yesterday at the mall, I found myself searching for any and all white spring clothes available! I just am so tired of dark winter colors, and love to pair my whites with a touch of color like this pink shirt. So feminine and fresh! I wanted to bring a bit more fun to the look so I included this gorgeous colorblock clutch and those fabulous earrings from Bizou. I am not a big earring girl, or if I do wear them I will tend to stick to studs and pearls, not big ones like these. But I love them! I find they are perfect for this look. And my shoes… my shoes… I got them for a steal ($28!!!) and am IN LOVE with them!!! If you have read my previous posts you now know I love small wedge heels, so this is what first attracted me to these babies. I am loving the shape and the gladiator-feel of these shoes, and they are so comfortable!!

Spring has finally sprung here in Canada, and the trees are finally turning green! This is exactly what I needed after having felt tired the past couple of weeks… new life in the city! I hope you all get to enjoy the flowers and birds singing while it lasts!!