bridges and blues

Marie's Bazaar-May 03, 2015-IMG_0027


Marie's Bazaar-May 03, 2015-IMG_0123


Marie's Bazaar-May 03, 2015-IMG_0037

I’ve been waiting to share this post with you for a couple of weeks now. This is the second time I am collaborating with a photographer to take the photos for the blog, and it was so much fun! So relaxing and quiet, but I wish I paid attention to the wind before I headed out for the shoot! OMG it was so windy on that bridge, I had such a hard time holding my hair and my dress down! Note to self: always check the wind factor on my phone from now on! Anyways, we spent about an hour on that old bridge and I couldn’t believe I had never been there before. So many people were just sitting there and having a picnic, or just walking around. It was such a breathtaking place. Had I known better I might have not worn this dress, but I still love it! I got it a few weeks ago from Zara and I love the color of it! It is so flowy and delicate with the lace in the front and the open back, so perfect for a day like we had (minus the wind). What I really appreciate with dresses like this one is that you do not need to accessorize with a necklace. They are their own accessory with the crochet lace, and it makes my life easier! On the other hand, my hair started nice and curly AND IN PLACE and ended up puffy and messy, as you can see the evolution on the photos LOL! But who cares, I had fun and I am still smiling looking at the photos!

PS: Check out the website of this shoot’s amazing photographers here and follow them on Instagram. They are so talented and the sweetest!