Jewel toned skinny dress







One thing I love is feeling casual. I am not the kind of girl who will wear a corset dress to make the girls look bigger, or wear spandex to keep everything tight. But when I discovered this dress, and how comfortable is it, I couldn’t believe it actually did both! Hu hu, this little wonder is actually a shape wear that you wear AS a dress. Keeps my belly flat, holds my behind tight, and let’s be honest… it is a little red dress, so it is meant to be a little sexy! #amirightladies? ­čśë

This weekend has been very sofisticated┬á(if I can say so)┬ásince my boyfriend just graduated from his masters and I just finish my teaching course. WOOP WOOP! So we turned the past 3 days into a celebration weekend! Meaning restaurants and drinks and graduation ceremonies,… everything but casual! I’ve done my part of formal outfits for the next week, and this morning I couldn’t wait to slip into something more relaxed AKA this red dress! I love pairing dresses with sneakers, I find that it makes┬áthe look a bit more laid-back, and I just added my chambray shirt to fight the wind guts that come by surprise every now and then.

You can find this dress (new colors are coming out any day now!) on