red summer dress







If you are following me on Instagram you might know that the past week has been very busy! Tons of celebrations going on since my boyfriend graduated from his masters and I finished my teaching course (say hello to Miss Marie… um no not yet!). So we spent almost the entire week celebrating, and that means I got to rock this gorgeous little red dress on one of our nights out!

A little crazy fact: I’ve never had a red dress before. Wait, what?

This is literally one of the 2 red pieces of clothing I have in my closet, and I don’t even know why. I love red!! I love this combo of red and navy, so fresh and stylish. Plus you know what they say: a man is more inclined to spend money on a woman when she wears red! 😉

I started the night with my hair up, but to be honest I just feel much more confident and beautiful when it is down so I quickly freed it.