perfect boyfriend shorts

DSC08288 DSC08331 DSC08321 DSC08345 DSC08396 DSC08373We all know the importance of having that one pair of boyfriend jeans that fit you perfectly and you can wear anytime you want. But now that summer is here, I honestly can’t bare to wear pants when it is too hot, so I have been on the hunt for a perfect pair of boyfriend shorts! I don’t like shorts that fit way too tight and squeeze you in all the wrong places… and they honestly look like panties! No thanks.

I love this pair from Garage, they are super comfy and super cute! I kind of wish they would be a bit higher on my waist, but I could just add a belt and lift them myself. This pair is actually a size over what I usually wear, because I was really looking for that comfort and boyfriend style, and they were on sale = score!

I always think that what shows someone has a fashion sense is the way they accessorize the look. I love tiny details that get you curious, and not in the in-your-face kind of way. IE: the tiny moon and star ring which I’m obsessed with (I honestly wear it everyday!) and the pretty delicate gold sandals. I love mixing gold and white in summer, I find it so positive and polished.

I know I haven’t been super active recently, but the blog and Instagram have been so time consuming and I really didn’t get the chance to go out much and enjoy the weather so I decided to take it easy on social media for the moment and slow down a bit. Not sure how long that will last, though 😉