Eyebrow tutorial



The times have changed. A few years ago, the trend was to super thin and extremely shaped eyebrows. I can’t even say how glad I am that this is NOT what is considered beautiful anymore! I love love love big, bold brows that shape the face. I have to admit that some mornings I have no energy to even brush my hair, but I ALWAYS do my eyebrows. I find that it frames my (chubby) face and makes me look awake instantly… which can be a challenge when you spend the whole night telling your cat to back off because you want to sleep and she doesn’t take no for an answer!

Below I went step by step with the products I use everyday and how I apply them. Also featured is this perfect mug from A Cup Of Quotes, which perfectly sums up my life!

The products I use:

Brow Master – The Face Shop  (this is like $9, and it works better for me than the designer stuff!)

Brow Drama – Maybelline (not necessary but I find that it makes the powder last much longer)

Watt’s Up – Benefit (you won’t see it on your face, but it will catch the light in photos and make your brows look perfect)

All-Nighter Spray – Urban Decay 

Mug – A Cup Of Quotes




1 – I only use the darker color from the eyebrow kit, because I have dark hair and like my brows to be a similar color. I use an angle brush from Sephora, and fill the bigger part of my eyebrow completely (starting just on top of my eye). I work my way to the end, going higher when I reach the second half of my eye.

2 – Using the brow drama brush, I just follow the shape of the eyebrow and make sure every hair gets a layer of “mascara”. This also makes sure that you don’t have hair trying to get out!

3 – I apply the luminizer from Benefit under the arch of the brow, and on top. This way you are camera-ready when you get light on your face (outside or from a flash).

4 – Finally I spray my whole face (assuming you did the rest of your makeup before!) with Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray. I use this stuff since the Dominican Republic last year and it is literally the best thing available to keep your makeup from fading all day!