red jumpsuit

Finally! It has been over a month I posted a photo of this jumpsuit on Instagram, and you all have gone crazy about it. So here is it! I realized a while back I didn’t own many red clothes, simply because I felt like that color didn’t do anything for me. I guess this is what is called a mistake! I wasn’t sure about the shape of the jumpsuit, because I find it can add a lot of weight when it is this flowy, and since we were spending the day at the spa when I wore it, I was not wearing heels. No heels and a baggy, flowy jumpsuit can sometimes mean disaster. But I find it actually fits my body and follows my curves pretty well, it made me feel like a sophisticated woman, and I love when clothes do that. I love feeling empowered by what I wear, and what is more empowering that something red! Like I said, we were spending the day at the Nordik Spa, which is the biggest outdoor spa in North America, and I wanted to feel relaxed and free, so I think this jumpsuit was the perfect choice. This place is so incredible, full of hot tubs, saunas, infinity pools and hot stone beds, which is absolutely what I needed. And to be EVEN MORE comfortable, I got to wear my new flip flops (I have been wearing them almost every day since… not so new anymore!) with little hearts on the toes. They are so comfortable and cute, perfect for the day, and the summer.