Stripes Pencil Skirt

DSC09212 DSC09219 DSC09240 DSC09278 DSC09297 DSC09306As I am writing this post I am sitting down surrounded by my most recent purchases, which include sweaters and booties and blanket scarves, and I am totally in a Fall mood. And then I am scrolling through the photos we shot a few weeks ago for this article and I can’t believe how fast the summer is going! We are already in August, which means in one month it is September ALREADY! Aaah time flies, but to be honest I cannot WAIT for the Autumn weather and colors to come around. I have been over summer the minute it started getting too hot and all the flowers in my home died instantly (grrr, crazy heat wave).

Back to the subject of this blog post, which (believe it or not) is NOT based on my love/hate relationship with seasons. No, tonight I am showing you this super simple yet sophisticated and gorgeous look I wore to dinner a little while back. As I grow older (yup, my birthday was last week so I can say I’m getting older) I realize how much I enjoy wearing pencil skirts, as long as they have some kind of twist. In this case, I love love love the fact that the skirt is asymmetrical, which keeps it younger looking, while still giving me an amazing shape and following my curves like a traditional pencil skirt should. I also love the fact that it is striped. I usually stay away from stripes, because I think they can make someone look bigger than they really are, but since the shape of the skirt is tight, I figured why not risk it. I am so glad I did, because I love the result, and paired with a simple white crop-top the look is perfecty balanced and complete.

I tried to keep the accessories simple, because I am a firm believer in the idea that less is more. I’m pretty sure that if I went over board with bracelets or a necklace the look would have just been “too much” and I would have looked like a clown. So I went for a solid red clutch, which I am obsessed with, and I love that it is perforated! The dots of the clutch challenge the stripes of the skirt without taking over, and keep the whole look interesting. Little tip: store all your items in a clear pouch before putting it in the clutch, or something might end up falling through the holes (aka the story of how I lost all my bobby pins…)!