July In Numbers

The past month has been incredible! I have to say that blogging-wise, it has probably been the most exciting month since I started (only 8 months ago!) and I want to try and share it all with you! I want to start with saying thank you for all the love and support I have received since getting on the crazy blogger bandwagon. I started this blog as a fun little thing to do on the side where I get to share my fashion dos and don’ts, some personal stories and lifestyle tips. I never envisionned it becoming such a big part of my life, a place where I could be honest and free, and throw myself 100% into it.  There’s nothing I love more than working on a blog post and seeing the reaction I get from all of you! It honestly makes all those long hours behind the computer SO worth it!

So as the title mentions, I decided to summerize last month into numbers. And man oh man there are a lot of numbers happening here!


1 = The position Marie’s Bazaar got on Instyle.com’s “READER OF THE WEEK” on June 27th (ok I know this is in June, but it was only revealed on July 1st!)

I think I literally screamed when I got contacted by Instyle’s representative to tell me to check out their website. I mean, this is big! Out of all the amazing girls who love and religiously read the magazine, they decided to give me the first spot, and with this stunning dress!


18 = The hourly rate to get me to be your online stylist on Sidebystyle.com !! Yes that’s right, since July 23rd I can now add to my resume that I am an online and in person stylist. I got so excited when I was contacted by the team behind SidebyStyle to join them and offer my services to ladies (and men!) who would want me to style them. This was something I had never done, since technically giving advices to friends is not the same. 😉


25 = The age I just turned on July 24th! I am now closer to being 30 than being 20 years old… Oh my, I can already see all the jokes coming my way in the future. Honestly, I know this might be cheesy but I have never felt better than I do now. The older I get, the more confident and secure I feel about who I am. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, my blog, and the rest of my little life.


10.000 = My BIGGEST Instagram milestone yet! I CANNOT BELIEVE TEN THOUSANDS PEOPLE FOLLOW ME AND MY EVERY MOVE! Yes, capital shouting/screaming/dreaming letters are in order here! On July 26th all my dreams came true when I saw that follower count go from 9999 to 10k! Now already at 10.4k, I am on a little cloud and can’t realize that just a few months ago I was getting so excited to have my first 100 followers. Time sure flies!

Thank you for helping me reach every goal I set up for myself, teaching me to dream bigger every night, and always believing in myself, even when life gets in the way. I am forever grateful and could never pay back the amount of joy I am getting from doing what I love, but I promise to try! 🙂