Striped Swing Dress

20150701_185603.1 20150701_185701.1 20150701_185704.1 20150701_185908.1 20150701_185940.1 20150701_190035I might just as well have named this blog post “most comfortable dress in the world” because that is exactly what this dress is. I fell in love the moment I put it on, because of how soft the material is and how flowy and light it feels when it is on. I can’t help myself but twirl around and shake my booty everytime I wear it, and have yet to find a reason not to wear it! It just is one of those articles in your closet that you can’t help but want to wear everyday, and I am even more in love with the fact that the back has cutouts, because it allows a little peek at the bralette I was wearing underneath! The day of the shoot, we were heading to this awesome concert downtown and I knew that we were going to walk a lot so this dress what the perfect choice, and paired with my favorite tennis shoes I was ready to dance the night away (which is exactly what I did)! I love how simple yet fun this whole look is, and if you haven’t noticed before, I love to have casual and comfortable outfits to wear almost all the time!