Flare Jeans

20150914_105229(0) 20150914_105230(0) 20150914_104218 20150914_104216 20150914_104307(1) 20150914_095847(0) 20150914_110456I remember growing up wearing flare jeans all the time, though at the time I called them “elephant foot” jeans (in french “pattes d’eph”). I remember thinking the bigger the better! Yes yes yes I am so excited they are back. While wearing this look I could not stop thinking I was dressed like a mom, I just missed kids running around! I love how they are so sophisticated yet you are still wearing jeans, it is like combining the best of both worlds. I paired them with this fall-approved peplum top (yes another one) I recently got, which keeps the look playful and feminine. And this jacket has definitely been used and reused in the past couple of weeks, I still haven’t had enough of it.

PS; If you have not tried the Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks you absolutely are missing out. It tastes like fall in a cup, and yes that means like an apple pie.

xo, Marie