Boho Dress

DSC02216 DSC02240 DSC02226 DSC02264 DSC02274 DSC02384 DSC02161 DSC02087 DSC02080Wait, is it November already?? Wasn’t it July last week?! I am NOT ready for winter yet! I still want to spend my days in long sleeve dresses and ankle boots and definitely do not want to trade them for snow pants. I am going to hold on to my fall wardrobe for as long as I can, starting with this baby doll dress which I am in love with. Even if I wish it was a few inches longer, I cannot not smile when I see it. Everything about it screams fall: the dark colors, the flowy shape, the high neck and long puffy sleeves,… I love the boho look with the fringe booties and dark lips, chic yet casual. You can find the same lipstick shade (called Diva) by clicking here. I added a few gold accessories like a big cuff bracelet, a long necklace – it balances the high neck – and the back crossbody clutch that I have been wearing way too much. It isn’t much a surprise to me that this dress comes from Zara. Sometimes I feel like their designers can read my mind and create the perfect pieces I didn’t know I needed but somehow cannot live without. Anyone else has that kind of relationship with a store?! Maybe it is just me… Oh well. I hope you all a great Halloween weekend and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night. I didn’t get that chance since my adorable yet slightly evil cat decided to wake me up at 8:30am!

xo, Marie


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  • Lisa

    I absolutely LOVE the dress and booties. The perfect outfit! I was googling “boho dress and boots” and came across your blog – YAY!