Linell Ellis Leather Clutch

IMG_1391edit1 IMG_1409edit1 IMG_1419edit1 IMG_1385edit1 IMG_1377edit1 IMG_1421edit1 IMG_1389edit1 IMG_1398edit1 IMG_1379edit1(Photography by Carley McEvoy –

I have just discovered this new brand of clutches and bags called Linell Ellis, and I am so glad I did because now I get to share it with you. 100% leather and so soft to the touch, I fell in love with this simple and elegant black clutch that can accompany you anywhere you go. It is the perfect size to hold all the things you always carry around – I talk for myself… I always have so many things in my bag that I never use and make it impossible to find my keys! I love how sophisticated it is, which is why I decided to wear the most casual outfit and show you how this particular clutch elevates it. Now imagine with a little black dress! 😉

I have already worn this shirt in a different color before and I loved how light it felt which is why I went back and got this rusty color! Perfect for warmer fall days, it matches the colors around.

On another note a little more personal, I just got my cat catnip for the first time and she went NUTS! Anyone else ever gave some to their kitties? She wouldn’t leave me alone because my fingers smelled like the herbs and I just sat there for 10 minutes while she rubbed herself like crazy. I am totally loving itttt and pretty sure she is too! 😉

xo, Marie