Foreo Cleansing Brush

20151106_132802 20151106_130139 20151110_143106 20151110_143347Today I am sharing with you one of my new beauty secrets to keep my skin clear and radiant: the Foreo Luna brush. This tiny (and pretty) pink brush vibrates to deep clean and cleanse your face, and to fight the first signs of aging. I always struggled to find the best way to clean my face, simply because I felt like using my hands wasn’t good enough but I have a relatively sensitive skin (I turn red so fast once I rub something on my cheeks) so the regular facial brushes just didn’t work for me. Then I found this gentle yet super effective brush which vibrates (!!!) and my skin has never looked better. It is completely waterproof so I usually use it in the shower (no no I wasn’t about to take photos in the shower to show you!) and I can immediately feel my face being refreshed once I use it. I personally have a few trouble areas on my face such as my chin and temples, and since using this brush I have seen a huge improvement in the smoothness of my skin. And it has only been a few days! I cannot wait to see the results after a few weeks. As I mentioned earlier it also fight aging lines, which I believe is never too early to start doing! You just need to use the back of the brush, and it will send pulsations to your face to combat wrinkles where you want them gone (basically everywhere!). You can get yours online at or visit your local Sephora store, they also come in mini sizes or a men version although the only difference is the color… who knew men didn’t like using pink facial products! 😉

xo, Marie