YMI Jeans

DSC02733 DSC02766 DSC02769 DSC02819 DSC02804 DSC02839 DSC02830Aren’t we all looking for the perfect pair of jeans that will slim our tighs and make us look and feel confident enough to walk on the side walk like a supermodel? Well I was, until I found this amazing brand called YMI Jeans. Even the jeans are called Slim-Hers, that is to tell you they made it their business to make us ladies look like we have all the junk in all the right places 😉 I love these ones especially because they are high wasted AND have the zipper on the side! How convenient, you don’t have that bulk in the front when you wear tight tops… it has me wondering why all jeans aren’t like that, seriously!

Since it is getting colder by the hour here, blanket scarves are becoming a necessity and I am in love with the bright colors of this one in particular, and the softness of the material (no one likes a scratchy scarf!). And if you are still hesitant about getting yourself a pair of these slimming jeans, just look at the expression on my face… I can’t hide my feelings really well! 🙂