Hush Puppies Booties

DSC03615 DSC03560 DSC03587 DSC03580 DSC03512 DSC03415 DSC03565 DSC03511One thing I have been obsessed with this season is booties (hold on, does that actually make 2 things??). Black, green, taupe, brown,… you name it, I want it. Which is no exception for these gorgeous leather heeled ankle boots from Hush Puppies! So classic and elegant with the darker buckle, yet fun and comfortable thanks to all the padding inside. I spend many hours of my day walking and running around so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must for me. Which made it more surprising to me that these shoes became my everyday shoes, even though the heel is so high! I have been wearing them all the time, prepare yourself to see them show up on the blog a lot… 😉

Last fall I got this poncho from American Eagle and I absolutely loved how comfortable it is, and how warm it keeps me, especially on those windy days. I don’t wear a lot of turtle necks because I just have too much hair and it always looks awkward, but this one is large enough to keep my hair tucked in. Since this one in particular is from last year, I’ve linked a few similar ones that are just as nice and on my wishlist for the holidays. Hope you like,

xo, Marie