visiting Mont Tremblant

Now that the holidays are over and I have had time to sit down and look at all the (thousands of) photos taken in literally 10 days, I have decided to put together a little recap of this busy/funny/tiring/wonderful week with my mom and step-father! Since it was his first time in Canada, my mom and I took it upon ourselves to make this a visit to remember, and check out the prettiest places around – which include Mont Tremblant and Quebec City. I have previously visited each of these places, but it is kind of like Rome, Italy… once is never enough! First up on the blog, Mont Tremblant (and a few photos taken in Ottawa, just because I like them too much not to share!).

Since Ottawa and Mont Tremblant are a couple of hours away from each other, and I had decided to give my family the most Canadian time possible, we had to stop by Tim Hortons… and I totally made my step-father stand outside in the FREEZING cold weather (we were actually having a snow storm at that exact moment, as you can probably tell…) to take a photo for me – and hence for you guys…! I know, I am terrible.



Before heading to the town of Tremblant to visit, we stopped by the famous Scandinavia Spa in the mountains, and since the snow had just fallen down it was magical! For those who have not experienced scandinavian spas before, there is nothing quite like submerging yourself in the 4 degree (Celsius nonetheless) water of the lake – YES LAKE! Pretty sure I won’t forget that any time soon… 😉






We actually went to Tremblant for NYE, and spent an entire day walking around the pedestrian village. If you ask me, the town comes directly out of a Disney movie, with all the colorful houses and charming streets. We even ran into a group of “elves” (no idea how else to call them…) who were just taking photos and hugging everyone! I mean, you won’t see that in Ottawa!



I was NOT about to pass out the chance of shooting blog posts in this fairyland, so I swallowed my pride and changed from my cozy boots and thick jackets to mini skirts and heels in order to get the prettiest background for my photos. I have to give it to my incredible team: my step-father who was my photographer and froze his fingers taking shots in -15 degree weather, and my mom who was there to help with everything and get us warm when we were down!! You can already see the first shoot posted here, and the next one will be uploaded soon.






I leave you with a few photos that were taken while in Ottawa! Keep an eye out for photos from Quebec City next week! XO

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