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Oh my, oh my, oh my… Where to start? This blazer is everything and I am just in love with it. Fringes are a great way to add some fun into an outfit, without taking it too far. Which is absolutely what I love about it. There is nothing more elegant than a black tailored blazer, and I love taking sophisticated pieces and creating more casual looks based on them. This fringe hem is honestly to die for, and easy to adapt with jeans and booties – although it would work just as well with a little black dress and heels! Versatility is key, especially when getting pieces that are a little more pricey, and by that I mean you want to be able to wear them more than once!

I paired it with my favorite jeans and booties, and my newest Michael Kors addition (Christmas present from moi). There is just something about this sand color, and it seems to go with everything I own! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I realized I never addressed the subject of my very obvious hair cut! I have had the same hair cut for about 3 years, and totally needed a change. But I love having long dark hair, so really there wasn’t much else I could have done! I had bangs 3 years ago and hated them. I mean HATED them, I didn’t know how to style them and I wasn’t paying attention to the way I looked as much as I do now so they would just air-dry and look terrible (I pinned them back every day). This time around I actually love them! I find them so feminine and chic, and I use this round spinning brush to style them, which literally takes me 3 minutes in the morning! It changes my face completely, and I am still not totally used to it – I actually compare them to a hat I’m not able to take off, just because it feels so weird having hair touching my forehead all the time! But so far so good, and they are here to stay! PS: I linked the hair brush I use below, just in case you’re in the market for the perfect way to style your bangs too, and it is on sale!

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