Quebec City

For the second part of my holiday recap I am taking you back with me to Quebec City, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world. We actually went to QC before Mont Tremblant, between Christmas and NYE. There is nothing quite like it with all the little boutiques and restaurants, and Christmas lights and music in the streets. On Christmas day, my mom gave me this sweater which has a huge history behind it and means the world to me, and it is so comfy I had to put it on for the 6h drive! It has definitely became one of those things I know I’d save first in a fire – you know, the things you love the most and would rush to get before it is too late! 😉



We arrived in the evening, which was magical! All the streets were lit and people were walking and laughing everywhere, it felt like Christmas wasn’t over yet and we could start it all over again. I absolutely refuse to put away my Christmas decorations until the first week of January, and being in this town I expected to see Santa popping up at every street corner! I will never understand people who put their tree on the street on the 26th, I know that if I could I would have kept mine until the snow melts!



The following day we spent the entire day walking outside and getting lost in the little streets and corners of the town, managing to shoot an outfit in the -15 weather. It might not look as cold, but days when the sky is blue are actually the coldest days in Canada, so yeah we almost froze. What wouldn’t be done in the name of fashion! You can see the post right below this one 🙂





I’m a huge foodie. I love food, am always hungry, and will walk miles if I know I have a meal waiting for me at the end. (I remember when I was a kid my grandma would tell me that if I kept eating the way I did, I would end up not being able to walk through the door!) Trust me when I tell you there is NOTHING better than an onion soup with melted cheese or – OMG my mouth is totally watering thinking about this – a melted brie cheese with vodka and maple syrup poured over. YUM! And no day outside would be complete without a hot chocolate and macaroons to warm up, if you are ever in QC you have to go to Maison Smith – it is worth the fact that there are never any seats left!





I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are taking 2016 by the horns! XO

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