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Hi loves!! So the holidays are over but that doesn’t mean I am ready to put away all my sparkles and sequins… Far from there, I think they make an ever bigger statement now! Also I was way too excited about this perfect gold sequin top to keep it until next Christmas… And those shoes!!! It is no secret I am obsessed with kitten heels, and I had ordered these in November without even seeing them in real life – online exclusives can be scary but I had a good feeling about these! I am so glad I trusted my gut and got them, and waited to find the perfect outfit to wear them because I think they bring this whole look a sophisticated vibe.

I hope you all had a great week! We have been having freezing weather in Canada this week and I am totally dreaming of beaches and pools… Summer seems so far away!

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  • Mila Godevskaya

    I know you’re totally dreaming of beaches and pools and that you have been having freezing weather in Canada these days but you’re always so daring that looking at you it seems like to be in the middle of the summer on the beach and so here that the snow becomes sand, your blouse full of sparkles and sequins becomes the sun, your eyes the sea, and your kitten heels the touch of style of the whole look as if they were your urban(beach) flip-flops! And you? You are the sunray that heats up the whole freezing Canada with your incredible smile!
    Do i have to find a flaw to this outfit I like so much to improve it? The skinny jeans don’t have only to be ripped but cropped quite a bit too!
    And… sometimes when you have some spare time reply to the comments you receive, I’d appreciate it (to know your opinions for example) very much!