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If you’re like me and over-indulged during the holidays, you are going to want to keep reading this post. When my mom and step dad came over in December, I have to admit I rarely said no to any type of food put in front of me. And let’s be honest, I love food so much I (almost) never prevent myself during the rest of the year either. We only live once, right? Which is also the reason why I decided that I was going to try and be a little healthier in 2016, meaning I would be taking care of my mind and body, and doing things that are good for myself. So when I found out that you can actually detox your body simply by drinking tea, I was in. I love tea and probably drink 3-4 cups a day anyway, so it wasn’t going to be a problem to fit this into my schedule! 

This tea detox, aka teatox, lasts 28 days (I got 2 packs of 14 days, works just the same), is all organic and natural ingredients, and you just follow the instructions by drinking one “morning boost” every morning (I personally loved the taste of this one, and it gave me such a crazy level of energy!), and one “night cleanse” every other night. Honestly super easy! I find that the night one tastes even better with a slice of lemon, but I heard raw honey is also delicious so I might have to try that next time! I’ve just finished my packs and would do it all over again. I actually might. I won’t show you photos of my belly before and after the 28 days, just because I’m not the kind of girl who feels confident enough to do so, but I will tell you that I have felt so energetic and have not had one bloated day all month long!! I’ll also tell you that my waist has shrunk and my pants are definitely looser than in December… 😉 Summer body anyone? Oh and one more thing I figured I would mention: I have been sleeping like a baby, but my dreams have been incredibly vivid since starting the cleanse (not sure if it might be related…). I mean I would wake up the next day convinced it was real! Then I’d have to calm down and realize that no, Christian Louboutin didn’t design a pair of shoes after me… BOOH! Yeah I know my dreams are pretty ridiculous!

It’s your turn to get your best body, and dare to be gorgeous!

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