How to Wear the Robe Jacket This Season


Choosing outerwear to finish your outfit can be a tricky business as a jacket can instantly define your look. Your leather biker jacket is edgy but might seem too tough for everyday affairs, while a blazer might make you feel like you’re headed to the office. Sometimes, you just want something that’s low key but still indicates that you have style, so if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, it’s time to turn your attention to the Robe Jacket.

Although you probably wouldn’t be caught dead sporting your bathrobe on your way to brunch, designers have been inspired by boudoir apparel for quite some time now, reviving the ubiquitous ‘90s slip dress, as Elle offers style tips on wearing these silky numbers outside of the bedroom. But the fascination for underwear as outerwear hasn’t stopped there, as labels continue to introduce coats with the same aesthetic as your bathroom essential, giving women an option that is effortlessly sophisticated, suited for both casual and formal occasions.

The Robe Jacket is the perfect blend of nonchalance and chic,” explain the editorial staff of online fashion retailer Lyst, a quality we often seek when we’re out shopping for new clothes. As easy as they are to put on, there are certain things worth noting so you look your absolute best in this elegant cover up.

1) Never wear a slip with your robe
The industry may be in love with the idea of wearing lingerie outside, but never pair these two bedroom items together and call it an outfit. You don’t actually want to look like you’re wearing underwear in public.

2) Save your longer robes for a formal affair
Stylists from Philly Mag say that your floor length robes work well for fancier events, with a belt cinched at the waist.

3) Always aim to streamline your look
Your robe is begging to be the center of attention, so you want to choose garments that will unify the ensemble rather than distract as separates, so be wary when mixing and matching prints.


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