Birthday dress & life update











Photography by Sara Algubaa

Chicwish dress / Hudson Bay sandals / Melie Bianco bag

Hi guys, happy Sunday ūüôā Today is a special day for me since I am turning 26! Woo-hoo! Getting closer and closer to the big 3-0, and yet I feel I am barely old enough to go shopping on my own. Is that a normal thing to feel? I wanna thank all of you who have been wishing me happy birthday on social media¬†earlier, I feel the love and it makes my little heart smile.¬†In the spirit of growing up I want to share with you a little life update, what has been going on for me this past year and what I want/wish this new year will look like! Many of you don’t know this but this past year has been the most challenging one yet. A few days before turning 25 my boyfriend of over 7 years had to move across the ocean for work and that has been though to deal with. I am not going to go into details because this is very personal and can trigger a lot of emotions (I am a big cry-baby), but I can tell you that going from being together 24/7 to having to schedule phone calls and skype can be an adjustment – and that’s an understatement!¬†I’m in that mindset that the year has gone by incredibly fast but at the same time terribly slow. We are FINALLY¬†getting reunited and travelling to Mexico together at the end of the summer, so you can imagine the excitement I get just thinking about it! Aside from being separated last year, I also live thousands of miles from any family I have, across the Atlantic ocean and then more. This has been like this for the past years, and¬†I am the one who decided to move to Canada so I am not blaming anyone, but it can be tough! I am so lucky though to have all those people love and encourage me everyday, so I never truly feel alone.

And thank God for you guys and my blog! This has been my haven, the place I come to at the end of the day to do what makes me happy and fills that void I sometimes get! And to see you all support and love this as much as I do is the best birthday present I could ask for! When everything changes in your life from one day to the other, I cannot explain to you how good it feels to have this anchor to keep me grounded and focused. I am eternally grateful and cannot wait to see how far it goes this year!

Now a little bit about the future. My current job is ending at the end of the summer and I am finding myself in that position where I am not sure what to do with myself. I want to blog full-time, that is a life goal of mine, but I know the amount of stress and challenges ahead and it is such a big step to take – I am not sure I am ready for it yet. Plans change all the time here, but I know that I would love to move back closer to my parents and brothers – and I am pretty sure they would love that too! All this to say this year will be the year of changes for me, and I am not usually someone who is excited about change (I get comfortable real fast and love when I know what tomorrow will bring – I know, boring) but I try to keep an open mind and tell myself that it can only be good.

What I know for sure is that I love you guys and I love blogging here and that will continue FOR SURE! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I hope you love this little pink dress as much as I do, and hope your summer is going amazing! Can you believe we are almost in August already?!

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