Diner en Blanc x Metro









Last night I had the chance to attend Metro’s Diner en Blanc in Ottawa, and it was ah-mazing. That was my first time attending an all-white themed dinner so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But just arriving to the meet up location (the dinner location was a secret!) there were so many people who had taken this as a challenge and were wearing masks, gloves, hats,… that I knew the evening was going to be good!

I’ll be honest, I was a little freaked out when Laura (my +1) and I arrived at the dinner location and saw everyone carrying their chairs and food baskets – and we had nothing with us! But since we were invited by Metro, they had us taken care of and we were treated like celebrities. No, for real. We got seated at tables and they brought us wine, champagne, food in individual baskets, sparklers to light up later in the evening… and the dessert table was to DIE for! I have a HUGE sweet tooth and as some of you may know I will NEVER say no to cheesecake. I was in heaven (and when we left, we received boxes of cheesecakes and cupcakes to take home… my fridge is full and I know I will not be able to eat them all but cheesecake for breakfast is where it is all about!).

We ended up dancing the night away in the centre of the city under the stars, came home way too late and wayyyy too full – but I am not regretting a single bite I took. Thank you Metro for having us!

PS: I will be sharing all the details of my look on a new post in a couple of days 🙂

PPS: Here are a couple of videos I shared on Instagram, the quality is terrible (I guess it wasn’t meant to be blown up on a computer screen!) but you can get an idea of the vibe of the party!