White & blue florals






Photography by Sara Algubaa

Goodnight Macaroon dress / Marc Fisher sandals (on sale) / Linell Ellis clutch

Clearly I have been having a slight obsession all summer with Goodnight Macaroon, because almost every other outfit I talk about comes from there. But there is a reason for that! The clothes are absolutely the cutest, they are super affordable and the shipping is crazy fast – especially great if you are like me in Canada or another country, and shipping can usually take a few weeks.

I love the blue flowers on the dress, and the contrast with the red door makes them pop. I read an article saying that photos where the color blue is the most present have much more success on social media… Is that weird? I did have that in mind when I saw the dress online, but to be perfectly honest I would have still gotten it even if the flowers were green, red, or any other color! 🙂

A litte tip: I had to use fabric tape to prevent the top of the dress from being too open (and too revealing).

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