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Photography by Sara Algubaa

Caseapp phone + laptop case / Goodnight Macaroon top

Today I’m sharing something a little different. I take my phone everywhere I go but always worry I am just going to put it down and forget about it when I leave! Like let’s say I am shoe shopping, and I am talking from experience here, I would put it down to try on a pair and then just get up to go pay – but forget the phone on the seat! Or this one time I had my phone in my back pocket and went to the bathroom in a restaurant. I took the phone out (didn’t want it to fall in the water, ha!) and put it on the box of toilet paper dispenser – and left it there!! When I left the restaurant, maybe an hour later, I realized I didn’t have it with me! You know that feeling? Yeah, so I ran back in and it was still there THANK GOD! But I remember telling myself I needed to make sure I would spot it the next time this would happen… So it was clearly a no-brainer for me when I saw this bright yellow case, and since it was summer I thought it would be perfect and so easy to notice whenever I put it somewhere.

Now, if you are not into bright flashy cases, Caseapp has a ton of different designs for any smartphone. Or you can even make your own! I thought about it, but having a photo of my cat on my phone made me feel I would just look like an old cat lady and I am not sure I want to be seen like that… yet.

I also got from their website my marble laptop skin (it is actually like a huge sticker you stick on the cover of your laptop). I cannot tell you how many times I have eyed all those macbooks with the marble covers and thought to myself that I really needed to get one – but they aren’t as popular for non-Apple users! So when I saw they had marble designs I didn’t hesitate and ordered one right away. But again, if you are not into any of the hundreds of designs they have on their website, you can make your own custom laptop skin since everything is personalized!

I have decided to offer one of you guys one product of your choice from the Caseapp website, so just leave a comment down here or on my Instagram (@mariesbazaar) telling me what you would want to get, and I will message the winner in 72h! Good luck 🙂