Black on black layering look








Photography by Sara Algubaa

Dynamite cardigan / Dynamite top / Topshop jeans / BP booties / Aiirkey bag

Black on black on black on black. Feeling the cold season vibes with this one, am I? That’s a rhetorical question, I am actually pretty sad to be putting away all my summer dresses. I don’t usually pull out an all-black outfit because I love to have colors on me, but this one just made me change my mind. I love layering pieces in the fall, and mixing fabrics just like this with a light silk top and a cozy maxi sweater. That’s the best way to transition summer pieces into fall outfits. Plus, all these are full-on closet staples. They can be worn together, or with a million different pieces to create tons of outfits. And if you are like me, you shouldn’t be worried about wearing clothes more than once (I cannot believe some people will not re-wear an item once it has been worn… If Kate Middleton does it, so can we!).

This past week and weekend have been pretty busy for me. First, I feel like I’ve been fighting a jetlag EVEN THOUGH there are no time difference between Ontario and Florida… But for some reason I fall asleep so late and have the toughest time waking up in the morning. Second, it has been my first week as a full-time blogger! I’ll be honest I thought I might end up having way too much time on my hands and would be bored more often than not. I. Was. Wrong. My days are way crazier than before, just because I don’t work “regular” hours and often find there is so much to do in the evening (maybe that’s why I go to sleep too late…). But I wouldn’t want it any other way! I feel so content knowing I am doing what I love, and I cannot believe I actually get the chance to do it – even if that means working on the weekend too! I hope you all had a great Monday and are ready to take on the last week of September!

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