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This is a bit of a different post, but I really needed to share this with all you guys who – like me – are struggling with zits. A few months back I started getting hormonal and stress-related acne, and have tried almost everything short of medical drugs to get rid of it. It can be really depressing and confidence-shattering to deal with zits, especially as an adult. It is a huge misconception that acne only affects teenagers, in fact (I know my stuff, I have done A LOT of reading on this since it started happening to me!) if you are in your 20s, over 50% of people will suffer of acne at some point! That is a huge number, and what is worst is that people judge you on it and think you aren’t “clean”… Like come on. Acne is a skin disease, and has nothing to do with whether or not you shower every day! Trust me when I tell you I have never been more obsessed with hygiene than since getting pimples! Anyways, I tried everything I could think of to get rid of those stubborn zits, but for some reason I will never know my skin has been fighting me back.

Enters Zapzyt. I actually found out about it from another blogger who said it helped clear her skin in a matter of days. I am an optimist, so I decided to reach out to the Zapzyt PR team and see if they would agree to send me their line, and promised that if I see results I would share it with all of you. Hence this blog post! I received the package the day before travelling, but in all honesty I wasn’t as good with it as I should have been. I have been back for just over a week now, and using it everyday as prescribed, and OMG! First, my skin feels so fresh and smooth! It has been a while since I have had baby skin on my cheeks (using a billion products will kind of wreck it)! My pores have shrunk, I don’t have any black spots on my nose anymore, and when/IF I do get a zit it goes away in a day! My favorite product is the Benzoyl Peroxide cream (warning: that stuff is STRONG). It is 10%!! The most I have ever used before was 5%, and that already dried my skin, so double that and I do get some dry patches. Nothing lotion can’t fix in a few hours though. But it works like a charm, it has helped me feel so much better about myself in just a few days, and I cannot WAIT to see how my skin will look after a month of religious use of the products!

All in all, I just wanted to say that I do feel your pain and desperation trust me. I spent a lot of evenings crying wondering what I did wrong and why my skin wasn’t healing. I stopped eating dairy (and I am a HUGE cheese lover), I didn’t wear makeup for days in a row, I probably spent over $300 in skin care products,… It is rough and can bring you down, for sure. I am not saying that this will be your miracle products that work for you. But it works its magic on me, so don’t give up until you have tried it… it might be the last you will need to buy!! (And let’s be honest, the price point is just the cherry on top).

Thank you Zapzyt for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Courtney

    I love this stuff too! Saved my life in high school!


    • Marie

      It is saving my life now!! I wish I knew about this months ago, the highest concentration here is 5% so literally nothing compared to this stuff!

      Let’s do another post collab soon? Xo

  • Samaria De Alba

    I tried this 9 years ago in high school.
    Ilike you, tried everything!! And one day I went to my local drugstore and I randomly purchased Zapzyt face ointment.. Within two weeks my face cleared up and my pore were minimized!! Till this day I refer anyone to this product. I love zapzyt, it literally works wonders!!