Holiday Look: Sequin Dress








Photography by Sara Algubaa

Dress / Shoes / Bag

Talk about shining bright like a diamond! I wore this dress a few weeks back for the Loft Gala with l’Oreal, and I knew I had to take more photos in daylight to show you how gorgeous it is. This might be the ultimate New Year’s Eve outfit and is high on my list of all-time favorite dresses. 

When I saw it in the store I wasn’t so sure about the two-tones, but seeing it in the mirror and seeing how it hits the exact right place you want it to hit to give you a smaller waist – that was a game changer. The fit is so flattering, the low back is sexy (but you won’t freeze!) and the length is perfect for dancing and not flashing everyone around you! 

And the best part is: it is on sale for $120 right now!! 

PS: my shoes are so comfortable – especially if you plan on spending time on your feet – they are less than $60 AND come in 6 different colors!

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  • Sherry from

    Mine came in last Friday! I can’t wait 🙂