Holiday Look: Zipper LBD








Dress / Tights / Shoes / Clutch (similar) / Earrings / Lipstick

I’ve had this dress for a few weeks now, and wore it more casually for a meeting earlier (think denim jacket, opaque tights, booties and a large tote). I decided to wear it again and style it for the holidays since that’s what is on everybody’s mind right now! Ok maybe it is just me… 

I love love love how unique it is with the zipper in the front (makes it super easy to put on if you are like me and hate putting clothes on over your head) AND THE POCKETS… Yes you read that right! Don’t we all love a dress or skirt with pockets?? Everytime I try one on I tell myself “wouldn’t it be a million times better if it had pockets?” — and then came this (should I say it?) unicorn of a dress! That’s right, finding a pretty dress that fits like a glove and has pocket is as rare as a unicorn! 

Pairing it with these tights was a no brainer for me, I own so many pairs that have details like that back line. They are so much fun and add an edgy vibe to the outfit, and the linear pattern works well with the zipper of the dress.

PS: My shoes are really comfortable, come in black and only cost… are you sitting down… $20!! 

PPS: Unfortunately the earrings aren’t showing much in the photos, but they are pure black gorgeousness and would make a great Christmas gift (for $38).

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