5 Days of Christmas: THREE








Dress / Shoes (on sale!) / Lipstick / Hot rollers

Happy Wednesday guys! It’s day 3 of our giveaway week and I cannot wait to share this one with you because I love it! Today we are giving away – are you ready – a $300 gift card to Payless ShoeSource! Do you know what that means? Their shoes are so affordable you can probably get 10 pairs!!

To prove my point, the shoes I am wearing right now are only TWENTY dollars! And I love them, I have been wearing them a lot in the past weeks and plan on wearing them throughout the spring too! Payless shoes are a staple in everyone’s lives, since they have such a large selection going from boots to heels to sandals to flats AND also make men styles!

I remember the first pair I ever bought from there was a pair of flats and I still have them/wear them in summer!

PS: Have you ever seen a prettier cream dress? Heart eyes over here!

PPS: Make sure you disable your ad-blocker to participate in the giveaway!

See more of my looks with Payless ShoeSource:

Black loafers

Burgundy block heels

Shop this look:

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  • Paol Trenny

    I would like to see boots for wide calf women.

  • Rosie

    I’d like to see flats you can truly walk in being styled with clothes you can wear for work!

  • Danielle Pelton


  • Gladys

    I would love to see how to style the open toe booties!

  • Iwona Letourneau

    I would live to see some nice flats! It’s the shoe I wear most often so would love to see new styles and how you wear them 🙂

  • Maggie

    This dress is stunning!! I love the cutouts at the neck 🙂


  • Melissa Stephens

    love your look!! I’m 5″1 and I always want to buy otk boots but I have no idea how to style it without cutting my legs off I love how sweater dresses or really any dresses with otk boots so I’d love to see a post about that on the blog ❤

  • Heather S

    I would love to see ankle boots styled!

  • Julie

    I’d like to see some tall boots styled!

  • Kat D.

    I would love to see winter boots styled!

  • Katy M

    I’d love to see OTK boots, knee boots, sneakers and flats.

  • nichole simmons

    Extra Wide calf boots that are really supportive but at a decent price!

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    The link for the first and last pin does not work for me. Will you please give me a link or tell me which pictures to pin? Thanks so much.

  • Christina Ziegelmeier

    I would love to see Booties styled in a post.

  • Allie

    I would love to see ankle booties and flats.