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Golden details that will make her smile

Understated jewelry is what I am all about. You know, the kind that isn’t “in-your-face” but adds that touch of femininity to any outfit. Being into fashion, I have an ever-growing collection of statement necklaces, big colorful earrings, and rings almost as long as my fingers, but these aren’t the ones you will see me wear on a daily basis. They are definitely fun to spice up an outfit, but in my day-to-day life I am much more casual and love jewelry that can be worn without flashing everyone! …


How to wear your Spring/Summer low-back tops, with Kissbobo

Since we are almost in April already, it is seriously time to start going after all the summer essentials you’ll need before they are all sold-out! Last year, one of my most important accessory was a pair of “sticky boobs” as I call them. But as you can guess, after a few months of heat and humidity they are no longer sticky! Which is why this year, one of the first must haves on my list was a new pair, which is why when Kissbobo 



Staycation at the Andaz hotel in downtown Ottawa

Bonjour babes, and welcome back to my blog!
As you might already know if you are following me on social media, last week I packed my bag and went to spend a couple of days at the ultra-modern Andaz hotel, here in Ottawa. The word “staycation” was never more accurate than in this case, since I could actually see my apartment building from my hotel room! But you know that feeling when you stay at your friend’s house for the night and you feel like you are in a completely different city? Yeah, that’s what I felt, and I loved it! …



Layering vests and coats to transition into Spring

I know Spring has technically already arrived, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet here. We still got a big snowstorm last week, and the temperature outside (as I type this) is -7 Celsius. Which means I need to rack my brain every day thinking about what to wear that is appropriate for the weather and that I haven’t already worn 50x this year. …



The perfect black trousers for your style with Reitmans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love wearing jeans. But recently I have found myself wanting to try to dress up more while keeping it “me” (which is definitely more casual). Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am slowly approaching thirty and really want to discover what that means to me and my personal style. …