OTK Brown Boots & Braided Back









Photography by Sara Algubaa

Sweater / Pants / Boots (on sale!) / Bag / Earrings

This is a HUGE favorite outfit of mine right now, I am obsessed with these boots – how flattering are they! I kept telling Sara when she was taking the photos that I felt like a supermodel off-duty. I mean, if a pair of shoes can make you feel that way it is a winner no??!! I cannot wait to wear them all through the next months and in spring with a floral dress, but for now they are great at keeping me warm (it’s like a second layer on my legs!).

I am pretty sure I am wearing this sweater backwards, but I will be honest and say that I actually like it more like this… Is that weird? Does it even look like I wore it the wrong way? Oh well I don’t mind and you know what they say: make it your own! The fabric is so thick, and I love how my wavy ponytail compliments the braid in the back.

Finally, and you guys have to know this by now, I am obsesseeeeed with bags and this one captured/stole/won my heart with this strap! Let’s first agree on the fact that the actual black purse is stunning, so simple yet everything you need – and you can use it as a clutch too for date nights. Now let’s talk about the strap, which can be taken away and replaced by any other you might have although WHY would someone want to do that is not conceivable in my mind. I love love LOVE the flower details, and the color palette makes it so easy to pair this crossbody bag with basically everything you have in your closet! 

Happy Wednesday, xo

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