Winter Holidays in Belgium

French fries should actually be called Belgian fries since this is where they are from! And trust me when I say you have NEVER tasted fries like this!! 

I can’t really think of a better photo to post than my kid face to explain to you how GOOD Belgian waffles are! I’ll be honest and say they are one of the first things I get when I arrive (and one of the things I miss the most when I am away!) – tip: ask for one that just comes out of the pan vs one that’s on display! 

(I realized I wanted to take a photo of it only after I ate half of it… and I’m not sorry). I may be 26, I may have had a thousand of these waffles in my life, but you will never ever hear me say I don’t want one. That just will not happen. 

If you pay attention, you will see the Chateau de Bouillon on the picture above, in the top left corner. This castle is well over one thousand (!!!) years old, and is placed on the rocky spur of mountain overlooking the river. This small city represents the beauty and history of Belgium so well, and when you’re done you are about 5 minutes to the French border – how crazy is that?!

When I was in my last year of high school, we took a trip for a few days to this Abbey, Orval. The place is so old, and monks still live and brew beer there daily. My dad knows how much I loved being there (and they make the BEST cheese in my opinion) so he took me there for the afternoon 🙂 It is such an impressive place to visit, and the grounds made me feel like I was on the set of Game of Thrones!

Can you believe these two photos are from my high school? Can you say Hogwarts??! #HarryPotterVibes

I wore this dress to Christmas dinner with my family, and then again in Paris (yes I love it that much).

Location: all over Belgium

Hi guys! Happy Sunday (or Monday depending on when you see this). This post has been a long time coming, so I am finally sharing a whole bunch of photos for my time in Belgium over the holidays!

Maybe you don’t know this, but I am actually from there so I do go back quite a lot to spend time with my mom, dad, and two brothers (and the extended clan). This year I was there a liiittle longer than expected since I wasn’t able to make my flight, which means more memories 🙂

Most of these photos are taken with my phone so the quality might not do justice to the beauty of the country. If you are ever planning a trip to Europe, Belgium has to be on your list. It is right in the centre of everything. Only a couple hours away from Paris or Amsterdam, 45min plane ride to London, 3h plane ride to Rome,… And Brussels is just worth the trip all on its own. Plus, it is a foodie’s heaven! I spent my time eating waffles, chocolate, fries, drinking beer (although I am not a beer fan but the Belgian Kriek is sooo good it tastes like actual cherries). I might have gained 10-15 lbs over the past month… But totally worth it.




  • Dad

    And I dreamed that yesterday, you were still on my shoulders.
    Don’t change and stay who you are, like you are.
    All your familly, especially me, loves you.

    • Marie

      Love you (and my family) too!