Cold-Shoulders & Sneakers

Photography by Sara Algubaa

Sweater / Tank top / Jeans / Sneakers / Bag

This casual look might be one of my favorite for the weekend. I have been searching high and low for a cute pair of white sneakers for months now, and finally found my match when I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago (I cannot believe how fast the time flies!!). These are so cool because they are kind of leather-y and not fabric like the ones who can find more easily, and they are less than $40 which makes it reeeally easy to pull the plug. I can’t wait for spring and summer (and tan legs) to wear these with pretty flower dresses and denim shorts!

My sweater is seriously sooo soft, I layered it over a tank top and paired it with my new snake skin (don’t worry it’s not real skin) to get it to pop, and I am loving how all the colors worked together!

PS: I have just found out that my jeans are back in stock and only $38! That is definitely NOT the price I paid for them (at least 3 years ago…) so hurry before they sell out again.

I hope you all had a great start to your week. I have decided to try and be a little more up-close and personal on the blog this year, I’ll be starting a series about the things that are more invisible when you look at my photos (like the struggles I face or the things about me you didn’t know). Hoping to encourage and inspire others to be happy with who they are, happy with their lives, and share what we all deal with on a more personal level 🙂 Stay tuned!

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